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Khary Payton

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Khary Payton


All hail the King!

Our next hunter mainly hunts zombies. You can probably guess that it might be a guest of the super success series : The Walking Dead. And if you think that, you’re 100% right , because here’s the only real Khary Payton better known as King Ezekiel! This main character immediately stood out in the series and quickly became a fan favorite. Accompanied by his pet tiger Shiva, King Ezekiel has instantly become Khary’s most challenging and favorite role to date. But also all DC-fans can rejoice because Cyborg lives on! According to cartoon fans, Payton has become synonymous with one of DC’s hottest heroes Cyborg, having voiced the character for 15 years.

As a voice actor you could also know him from the following cartoons or videogames:
Grimlock in Transformers, Rafiki in The Lion King, Reigel in Starcraft, Azrael & Killer Croc in the Batman Arkham franchise and Knox from Call Of Duty : Advanced Warfare, … and the list goes on!

Khary Payton will be present on both days of Comic Con Brussels 2020 and will be available for photoshoots and autographs.

Khary Payton