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John Rhys Davies

Aka Gimli, Sallah, Maximilian Arturo,...

Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Indiana Jones - Sliders - ...

🪓“And my axe!”🪓

We consider our next guest a personal friend of the convention and he should not be missed this year.

Only last summer he reprised his role for the third time as the sidekick of the infamous Harrison Ford in the highly anticipated Indiana Jones film.

When we say the name Sallah, three generations already think of his colorful Fez.

But of course he not only played in Indiana Jones, now that the 4 Hobbits are having a reunion in Brussels, he cannot be missed.

He played the absolute leading role of Gimli in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and will join the fellowship at Comic Con Brussels 2024!

He is of course also Professor Maximilian Arturo in the series Sliders.

An old acquaintance or a new friend and an absolute fan favorite, we are proud to roll out the red carpet for the one and only John Rhys Davies!

He will be present both days to meet all his fans.

We recommend everyone to buy your tickets in time because they are limited

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