You can also buy physical tickets in all FNAC and Night&Day shops! Click here for a list of selling points.



The tickets(except the Geek Deluxe tickets) are sold in WAVES, the price will go up each Wave. There are 3 waves in total. The Geek Deluxe Pass will not go up in price.

Children under the age of 10 get in for free and don’t need a ticket.

  • The Cosplay Ticket is a reduction ticket for people who come in cosplay(dressed up).
  • The Standard Ticket is a regular ticket.
  • The Weekend Ticket is a ticket valid for the whole weekend. There is also a Cosplay reduction ticket for this option.
  • The Early Entrance Weekend ticket is a ticket valid for the whole weekend with early entrance at 9AM instead of 10AM.
  • The Geek Deluxe Pass is a ticket valid for the whole weekend with early entrance at 9AM instead of 10AM and a t-shirt and a goodiebag.

The photoshoot tickets are valid for a professional photoshoot with the guest of your choice with maximum 3 people in total(not counting the guest). You will instantly get a professionally printed photo at the convention and afterwards you will be able to download the photo online. There is no free admission for children for the photoshoottickets.

You need a valid entry ticket in combination with the photoshoot ticket to be able to enter the convention and the photobooth. If you have multiple photoshoot tickets you only need 1 entrance ticket. If you are with more than 1 people per photoshootticket, you need 1 entrance ticket per person.

Autographs are to be paid on the spot to the guest, you can not reserve tickets for this.