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Harvey Guillén

aka Guillermo De La Cruz, Dr Sanchez, Gabo, Perrito,...

What We Do in the Shadows - Blue Beetle - The Magicians - Wish - Puss in Boots - ...

Let’s talk about one of the main questions in life: Do we want to be a vampire? Or do we want to be a vampire-slayer? Our next guest will know all about it because it is none other than HARVEY GUILLÉN!

His character Guillermo De La Cruz in the hit series what We Do in The Shadows has one of the best character arcs – a vampire’s familiar who discovers his hidden talent… in killing vampires. He quickly became a fan-favourite character (and that’s saying something, because the show is filled to the brim with talent!)

You haven’t visited our favourite vampires in Staten Island yet? No worries! You’ll know Harvey from the movie Blue Beetle – where he played Doctor José Francisco Morales Rivera de la Cruz (or Sanchez). Or maybe you saw him in The Magicians? You might have recognized his voice as Dick Grayson or ‘Night Wing’ in Harley Quinn, Perrito in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish or seen his many appearances and cameo’s in beloved shows, like Rupaul’s Drag Race, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, iZombie or The Good Place.

There’s no denying that this multitalented actor has found his way to all screens in one form or another. Please help us give Harvey a warm Belgian welcome at Comic Con Brussels!

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