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We have exciting news for all fans of the Terminator films and all popculture enthusiasts! For the first time in many years the one and only Edward Furlong will be visiting Europe! And his first stop is Comic Con Brussels!

Best known for his iconic portrayal of John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, a breakthrough performance for which he won a Saturn and a MTV Movie Award! A role that will always have a place in movie history – if only because he is responsible for the unforgettable line ‘Hasta La Vista, Baby!’

After this he went on to star in cult favourites like Pet Semetary 2 and American History X, playing the Edward Norton’s little brother who is on his way of following his brothers footsteps into white supremacy.

We are calling all cinephiles to mark their calendars, gather theirs friends and prepare for an epic experience at Comic Con Brussels with Edward Furlong!

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