Nom Nom Nom

After all those activities, playing games, browsing through fantastic comics, buying exciting collectables, meeting new friends and celebrities, listening to interesting Q&A’s, … you’ll probably be hungry and thirsty! We’ll have a variety of foods and drinks available for you at the Nomnomnom food market so you can rehydrate and fuel up!

This year’s amazing selection :

-Burgers by BOEF!
-Vegan Delights by Just like your Mom
-Incredible Vietnamese Dishes by Mykim
-Classic Belgian Fries by Ceci N’est Pas Une Baraque à Frites
-Amazing Vietnamese Sandwiches by Banh Mi
-Yummy Onigiri by Onigiri-YA
-Delicious Healthy Wraps by Fresh Cooking
-Geeky Special Coffee by Brainfreeze
-Japanese Wafels and Icecream by AMAI!
-Butter Beer at the Butterbeerbar