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Noah Hathaway

Aka Atreyu, Boxey, Harry Potter Jr.,..

The NeverEnding Story - Battlestar Galactica - Troll - ...

🎶 “Turn around, Turn around

Look at what you seeeeeee

In her face

The mirror of your dreeeeeeams” 🎶

As we announce our guest list, it often feels like we’re weaving our own never-ending story, and this time is no exception. Speaking of which, this year marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most enchanting films of the 80s : The NeverEnding Story! We are beyond thrilled to announce a truly magical addition to Comic Con Brussels, a celebration that we truly HAD to organise for such an iconic occasion.

We have none other than the hero of this tale coming to meet you, the brave warrior who ventured through Fantasia on a quest to save it from The Nothing. Yes, Atreyu himself! The one and only Noah Hathaway, playing the main role in the NeverEnding Story, will be joining us at Comic Con Brussels to celebrate this milestone anniversary.

For those who haven’t yet healed from the heartache of Artax’s struggle, rest assured, Artax is frolicking on a horse farm, surrounded by friends, far removed from the Swamps of Sadness. It was all part of a movie – but what a movie it was!

Noah Hathaway also plays Boxey in the legendary Battlestar Galactica and we can also say he’s the original Harry Potter, be it in the cult movie Troll!

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