We believe that Cosplay is the heart of every Comic Convention. That’s why we have made an extra effort on our program for you, our Cosplay guest!


Hello! You found our Gaming hall of strange and wonderful things : Game Fury! Now it is the beginning of a fantastic journey! It's dangerous to go alone, here take this : Equip your controller and hold fast, because here you can enjoy all sorts of videogames by yourself or with your friends.

geek market

Collectibles, Toys, Comics, Manga, DVD's, T-Shirts, Gadgets, ...! We got everything here at the Geek Market! Come and hunt, snoop and browse through our dealers' stalls and find that one(or more) thing(s) you were looking for!

Artist alley

In the Artist Alley you will find international and national artists that draw, sign, exhibit, ... Come and enjoy the works of these wonderful artists and have that one comic book signed or acquire that particular sketch you really like!


The Quantum stage is our small stage where there will be workshops, panels, Q&A’s and movies.

comic con university

Welcome to the Dealers Labyrinth! On every corner you'll discover something new here! Our dealers have brought their most amazing goodies, clothes, games, collectibles, gadgets, ... for you! Find your way through our labyrinth of the ...

nom nom nom

We'll have a variety of foods and drinks available for you at the Nomnomnom food market so you can rehydrate and fuel up!


In our fandome you can meet with the most important Fangroups and organisations of Sci­Fi, Fantasy and Cosplay of Belgium and beyond. You can share your passion with them and get acquainted with their organisation.


The Atom Stage is our bigger stage where our official Cosplay Contest will take place as well as performances of Belgian and Japanese artists.

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