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Comic Con University

The Geek Culture is so much more than just merchandise and being a fan of something. On our separate stage called The Comic Con University, we delve deeper into this Geek Culture. Expect in-depth conversations about series, films and comics here, learn how it works behind the scenes, workshops and panels, podcasts and open conversations with the public. Here we learn about our common passions and try to learn and find common ground.

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The program:

  • The Toys That Made Us panel
  • Cosplay Armor Building Panel
  • Podcast Chez Geeque (Dutch speaking Panel)
  • Star Wars Generations the old days vs. the new days
  • Build your own Lightsaber masterclass
  • Build your own custom Harry Potter wand masterclass
  • How to write a movie-script?
  • A talk with Bernard Minet (French speaking Panel)

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