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Kat Graham

Aka Bonnie Bennett, April O'neil,...

The Vampire Diaries - Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - All Eyez on Me - How it Ends - ...

🩸Get ready for a trip to Mystic Falls with our next guest!

🧛‍♂️All Vampire Diaries fans have of course guessed it for a long time because she plays the leading role of Bonnie Bennet in no less than 171 episodes of The Vampire Diaries.

🧙‍♀️As Bonnie Bennett, the witch with a heart of gold, she stood her ground in the most perilous situations and discovered her true strength at the most crucial moment, saving both her friends and family!

🐢And let’s not forget that she made history as the voice of “April O’Neil” in Nickelodeon’s “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” – she was the very first African-American actress to perform this iconic role! As the Turtles’ best friend and fearless partner in crime, she accompanies them on all their epic adventures.

🎼But it doesn’t stop there! With her impressive musical career, where she collaborated with legends like Babyface and Prince, Kat proves that she is a true jack-of-all-trades in the world of entertainment.

Kat only comes on Saturday to meet all her fans and please note these tickets are exclusive and limited.

Come say hello to this whirlwind of talent in the Heart of Europe at Comic Con Brussels!

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