Cosplay City

We believe that Cosplay is the heart of every Comic Convention. That’s why we have made an extra effort on our program for you, our Cosplay guest!

Comic Con Cosplay Contest

In cooperation with BE Cosplay, who will take care of the presentation, we’re organising the official Comic Con Brussels Cosplay Contest on Saturday and Sunday. The Contest will take place on Saturday and on Sunday. Registering will be made possible on our Facebook page soon.

The Cosplay City Cospital

Cosplaying can be intense and often your costume gets damaged. We understand that cosplaying takes time, energy and effort. Therefore, in collaboration with our partner Cosplaycloud Belgium, we present: The Cosplay City Cospital! A place to relax and get rid of your costume for a moment. There is also a repair zone that provides the necessary tools with which you can repair your damaged costume. This is a restricted area only for cosplayers. Chill out, relax and join the festivities!