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Victor Dorobantu

Victor Dorobantu

aka Thing

Wednesday | Guest 2023

“I’ll dance, dance, dance, with my hands, hands, hands..”

There was no escaping Tim Burton’s hit series Wednesday this year.

And you can’t think of the main character Wednesday without thinking of her partner in crime and sidekick “Thing”

Tim Burton himself thought that the character was of great importance to the series and would therefore best be played by a finger-fast actor, so he did the casting personally. He found this actor in the magician and illusionist Viktor Dorobantu, who had to put so much expression into the hundreds of different gestures without words. For example, Thing was one of the main characters of the series and there were even entire dialogues with Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers. From the start, Viktor saw Thing as a kind of human being that wanted to save everybody.

So if you know Wednesday like the back of your hand you’re in good hands at Comic Con Brussels!

So take matters in your own hands and buy your Comic Con ticket before things run out of hand..
Okay, were done now..

But all hand-jokes aside, come and join this lovable disembodied companion at Comic Con Brussels and realise that the hand who is signing the autograph is actually the actor.
Crazy right?

Viktor will be present on both days for autographs, photoshoots, selfies and Q&A’s.

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