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Kevin Spacey

aka Frank Underwood, Lester Burnham, John Doe, Keyser Söze, Lex Luthor,…

House of Cards - American Beauty - Se7en - The Usual Suspects - Superman Returns -…

What’s in the Box?!? It’s a Head..Liner for Comic Con Brussels Fall Edition! He isn’t a usual suspect because this will be his first and only convention appearance in Europe! Exclusive at Comic Con Brussels!
Some people have such an illustrious career that they ascend to Movie-Godhood. Our next guest has won numerous awards, among which two (!) Academy Awards and we are sure that there isn’t a person alive who hasn’t seen his awe-inspiring performances without thinking that this must be one of the greatest actors alive.
He is, just to name a few: John Doe in Se7en, Keyser Söze in The Usual Suspects, Lex Luthor in Superman Returns, Lester Burnham in American Beauty, Doc In Baby Driver, Hopper in A Bug’s Life, Frank Underwood in House of Cards. These innumerable top-notch characters were all played by one man: The incredible Kevin Spacey!
We are so incredibly proud to welcome this unbelievably talented artist for his first and only convention in Europe! Dig up your DVD’s and Blurays, take your posters off the wall and come visit Kevin on saturday and sunday! Only at Comic Con Brussels!

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