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Tait Fletcher

Tait Fletcher

aka Paz Vizsla

The Mandalorian - The Book of Boba Fett - Breaking Bad - John Wick - Jumanji | Guest 2023

And it’s still Star Wars Day, so we’re announcing a Star Wars Guest at Comic Con Brussels today and it’s a Comic Con Brussels Exclusive! It’s his first appearance in Europe after the new season of The Mandalorian aired, where he got a major role this time.

Tait Fletcher portrayed one of the most notable Mandalorians namely Paz Vizsla. This muscular appearance is a collaboration with Star Wars director John Favreau who provided the voice for this.

In The Book Of Boba Fett he fought for the Darksaber against The Mandalorian, before they became best friends and comrades-in-arms in the new season.

He also had surprising roles in Breaking Bad, Westworld, John Wick and Jumanji.

We are so proud to welcome Tait Fletcher at Comic Con Brussels on both days.

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