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Lee Towersey

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Lee Towersey

The rise of skywalker - the force awakens - rogue one - solo

Our next guest is one of the most recognized and therefore most famous droids of this universe. We are of course talking about R2D2 from Star Wars. This droid was brought to life by the talented Kenny Baker in all older Star Wars films. But unfortunately, Kenny could no longer play the role for the new and latest series of Star Wars films in 2015. Disney and Lucasfilm found a worthy successor in the highly respected member of the R2D2 Builders Club, namely our next guest: Lee Towersey. He knows R2D2 through and through in the literal sense of the word, because not only does he do the acting and stunts of this droid he also knows how to build them. So we expect not only the die-hard Star Wars fans this year, but also a long line of Jawa’s at Star Wars Generations. Lee Towersey will be present on both days for autographs, photoshoots and a nice talk about building droids.