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Jenna Coleman

aka Clara Oswald, Queen Victoria, Johanna Constantine,...

Doctor Who - Queen Victoria - The Sandman - ...

🌌 From the TARDIS to Brussels! 🌌

We’re thrilled to welcome Jenna Coleman to Comic Con Brussels!

As we approach the monumental 60-year anniversary of “Doctor Who” this November, who better to join us than the captivating companion, Clara Oswald? Jenna brilliantly portrayed Clara, the Impossible Girl, who journeyed through time and space alongside the Doctor, leaving a legacy as one of the show’s most enduring characters. Beyond the TARDIS, Jenna astounded audiences with her regal performance as Queen Victoria in “Victoria,” portraying the young monarch’s ascension to the throne and her challenges in a male-dominated world. And for fans of the ethereal and mystical, Jenna’s role as Johanna Constantine, the occult detective, in the Neil Gaiman comic adaptation “Sandman” series transports viewers into the depths of dreams and nightmares.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet one of British television’s most versatile actresses.

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