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Ian Mcdiarmid

aka Emperor Palpatine/darth Sidious

Star Wars Legend | Guest 2020, 2023

It has been clear for some time that Comic Con Brussels is building a gigantic line-up of bad guys this edition. Freddy Krueger, Vecna, Moff Gideon, Gus Fring, Young Henry Creel, John Murphy, Gazelle,..

So the next evil genius could definitely not be missing in our Villainous Star Line Up! The ultimate villain of all Star Wars movies returns to Comic Con Brussels!

We’re talking about the leader of the Sith, the exterminator of almost all Jedi and the master puppeteer behind Darth Vader.

It is of course the one and only Star Wars legend Ian McDiarmid!

Young and old know him as Darth Sidious aka The Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars Universe.

Ian is coming to visit all his fans at Comic Con Brussels on Saturday.

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