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Steven Ogg

Steven Ogg

The Walking Dead - Grand Theft Auto V - Westworld - Snowpiercer - ... | Guest 2022

Our next guest is simply legendary as everyone has known him for years as the character he plays in a game.

But it’s not just any game, we’re talking about such a legendary game that even the abbreviation immediately rings a bell with everyone: GTA.

Indeed, he played one of the lead playable characters Trevor Philips in Grand Theft Auto V for which he lent his voice and his appearance.

We can all say that Trevor was a VERY striking role and that we all remember him for his crazy behavior.

Not only that, the Walking Dead fans know him as Simon, Negan’s tactical companion. If that wasn’t enough he also had lead roles as Rebus in Westworld and as Pike in Snowpiercer!

He also played notable roles in Better Call Saul, Law & Order, Person Of Interest, The Tick and many more. Another great guest for Comic Con Brussels 2022.

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