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Stranger Things
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Sean Astin

Lord Of The Rings - The Goonies - Stranger things

We can only say that our next guest can easily fill a double decker bus with all the roles he has already played in his long career. And also that he’s best known for 3 very large iconic roles. His career started at a very young age when he played a leading role as Mikey in a genuine 80’s classic: The Goonies.

It just kicks off from there and he gets 20 more roles in projects and movies like a Cindy Lauper music video, Road Warriors, Toy Soldiers and on and on.

Until at some point a certain, at that point unknown, Director Peter Jackson asks him for a lead role alongside Elijah Wood in the the now world famous Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.
His role as the Hobbit Sam is legendary to this day and has touched the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

After the unprecedented success of the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy he goes on playing in the hit series: 24 and The Strain, but after 2 incredible legendary roles he is offered a role in the hit series of that moment that was very strongly based on his first success of the film Goonies.

Sean Astin

The 80’s homage Stranger Things explodes into a worldwide succes and the makers offer him the role of Bob Newby, as the new friend of Joyce (Winona Ryder) in the second season of Stranger Things. Buy a Vhs video tape recorder at Radio Shack in Hawkins if you haven’t guessed it by now and rent some tapes, because of course we are talking about the one and only Sean Astin!!

He will be a guest on the craziest convention of this universe on 22nd and 23rd of February: Comic Con Brussels 2020!