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Rose MCGowen

Rose Mcgowan

aka Paige Matthews, Cherry Darling, Tatum Riley, Queen of Hearts, ... | Guest 2023

Charmed -  Planet Terror - Scream - Once Upon A Time -  ...

Get ready for a bewitching guest! The one and only Rose McGowan, known for her roles as the powerful and determined witch Paige Matthews in the hit series Charmed, Cherry Darling in Planet Terror and as Cora Mills/The Queen of Hearts in Once Upon a Time and Tatum Riley in SCREAM is coming to Comic Con Brussels!

Paige Matthews was introduced as the younger half-sister of the main characters in the show, and quickly became a fan favorite due to her strong and independent personality. Rose McGowan brought a fresh energy to the show and her portrayal of Paige was praised by both fans and critics alike.

She will be available for photoshoots and autographs at Comic Con Brussels!

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