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Robert Patrick

aka T-1000, Augie Smith, John Doggett, Les Packer, David Scatino,...

Terminator 2 - Peacemaker - The X-Files - Sons of Anarchy - Mayans M.C. - The Sopranos - ...

Our next guest has one of the most recognizable faces of any actor and this may have something to do with his big break.

After the success of the first Terminator, they looked for a new Terminator to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger and to co-star in the second film.

These are literally and figuratively big shoes to fill, but our next guest did so with verve and turned the film into an iconic document for an entire generation.

The unbelievable chemistry this actor and Arnold had bursted from the screen, supported by a soundtrack of Guns and Roses and a classic for an entire generation was born.

We are of course talking about the one and only legend Robert Patrick who played the role of T-1000 in the blockbuster Terminator 2.

A later generation and DC-fans mainly knows him as Augie Smith in Peacemaker.

But he also played John Doggett in 40! episodes of The X-files, Ray Cash in Walk the Line, Jackson Herveaux in True Blood, Les Packer in Sons of Anarchy en Mayans M.C., Tom Ryan in The Unit, Cabe Gallo in Scorpion, Coach Joe Willis in The Faculty, David Scatino in The Sopranos,..

The list goes on and on.

Or just check out his IMDB page:

Robert will be present at Comic Con Brussels on both days to meet all his fans of all ages.

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