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Manu Bennet Arrow

Manu Bennet

Arrow - The Hobbit - Spartacus - The Shannara Chronicles - Xena: Warrior Princess -... | Guest 2021

The temperature will definitely rise with our next guest in our guest alley.

We know him of course from his role in Arrow as Slade Wilson and/or Deathstroke, but he is also known as Allanon the Warlock Lord in The Shannara Chronicles. He terrified the audience as the most horrifying Orc of them all: Azog in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. And not to forget about his powerful role as Crixus in the hit series Spartacus and the fans of Xena: Warrior Princess will once again recognize him as Marc Antony.

It’s no surprise with such immensely impressive list of roles that he’s a popular guest at conventions worldwide. You have long guessed it, of course, the only real Manu Bennet is a guest at Comic Con Brussels 2021.

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