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Lance Henriks

Lance Henriksen

aka Bishop, Emil Fouchon, Vukovich,..

Aliens/Alien³/AVP - Hard Target - The Terminator - Scream 3 - Millenium - Pumpkinhead - ... | Guest 2023

Our next Comic Con Brussels Guest is an iconic actor. We know him as the antagonist from Scream 3, from his role in The Terminator, ofcourse the lead role of Ed Harely in Pumpkinhead, Jean Claude Van Damme’s adversary in Hard Target, Frank Black in Millenium,

King Bowser in Super Mario Bros., plus many roles in movie classics such as the Quick and the dead, a Dog Day afternoon, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Right Stuff and so on.

Sam Raimi, Steven Spielberg, John Woo, James Cameron,..if they were looking for a strong character actor, they knew how to ask him again and again, it’s too many to sum up so please check his endless imdb list

But above all, we know this actor as the protagonist of the Aliens franchise as the android Bishop.

A recurring role in several films like Aliens, Alien 3, Alien vs. predator,..

We are of course talking about the incredible Lance Henriksen who will be present at Comic Con Brussels on both days!

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