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Kary Parsons the fresh prince of bel air

Karyn Parsons aka Hilary Banks

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air | Guest 2020, 2021

Guess who’s back to meet her fans and will be joining Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air co-star Joseph Marcell at Comic Con Brussels?

Indeed! We’re talking about Karyn Parsons aka Hilary Banks!

Hilary was the oldest daughter of the Banks family and was portayed as a typical snob, who could sometimes come off as arrogant!

She is stereotyped as a mean Valley girl, but Will gets along better with her than with Carlton in the beginning of the show.

Hilary’s career grows enormously in the show as she becomes a weathergirl, then a news reader and ends up getting her own talkshow! Come and meet her at Comic Con Brussels, she will be present on both days for autographs and photoshoots.

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