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Josh Herdman

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Harry Potter

Josh Herdman

Harry Potter | Guest 2019, 2020

Our next announcement in our Double Trouble week is SO exciting! The name “Double Trouble” immediately just comes to mind when you speak of these two characters. The 2 Slytherin bad boys were partners in crime with Draco Malfoy(Tom Felton) in the Harry Potter movies and followed him everywhere he went. We are of course talking about Josh Herdman aka Gregory Goyle and Jamie Waylett aka Vincent Crabbe, reunited again!

Who doesn’t remember the memorable scenese with Crabbe & Goyle and all the things they let Harry and the gang go through? And of course the polyjuice potion scene where Harry and Ron take on the form of Crabbe & Goyle to carry out their Slytherin “espionage” mission!

harry potter

Josh Herdman & Jamie Waylett will be present on both days of Comic Con Brussels 2020 and will be available for autographs and photoshoots!