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Jennifer Morrison

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Once Upon a Time
House md
Star Trek Into Darkness


Once Upon A Time - House MD - How I Met Your Mother - Star Trek into Darkness

Everyone knows our next guest differently because she played so many big roles. Some will know her as the lead role in Once Upon A Time, while others will know her as Dr. House’s strong sidekick in House MD, and still other people will see her as one of Ted Mosby’s most important love interests in the hit series How I Met Your Mother. Trekkies will mainly remember her as the mother of James T. Kirk in the blockbuster Star Trek into Darkness. She easily varies between very serious roles or with incredible timing very humorous roles. Emma Swan, Dr. Allisson Cameron, Zoey Pierson, Winona Kirk,….she is known by so many different names but we are especially proud to welcome the one and only super talented Jennifer Morisson at Comic Con Brussels 2021 : The Ultimate Geek Market!