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Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs

aka Piper Halliwell, ella Montgomery, ...

Charmed -  Pretty little liars -  ... | Guest 2020, 2023

The ever Charming Holly Marie Combs is joining Rose Mcgowan for a CHARMED Reunion!

Charming and magical indeed, because she played a leading role in 179 episodes of the smash hit 90s and 2000s series.

Famed for playing Piper Halliwell in the original Charmed series, she was one of the Charmed Ones and considered the most powerful of the three sisters(after the death of Prue). We’re of course talking about Holly Marie Combs! Holly also starred in the hit series Pretty Little Liars as Ella Montgomery.

We’re incredibly happy to have Holly Marie Combs as a guest and she will be present on both days.

Autograph Price: €40Photoshoot Price: €50Charmed Duoshoot Saturday: €100Holly Marie Combs & Rose Mcgowan (Charmed)

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