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Finn Jones

aka Iron Fist/ Danny Rand, Loras Tyrell, Deputy Sorrels,...

Iron Fist - The Defenders - Game Of Thrones - Leatherface - ...

We are so proud to announce the next guest at Comic Con Brussels Fall.

Not only is he one quarter of the Marvel superhero team The Defenders, he also has his own series and plays the lead role in Iron Fist.

Before he was part of the Marvel universe, you could also know him as Loras Tyrell: The Knight of Flowers at the height of the top series Game Of Thrones.

Horror fans know him as Deputy Sorrels from the chilling film Leatherface.

You see this talented star likes to alternate in his roles, making him the ideal guest for Comic Con Brussels Fall.

We are of course talking about the man with the strongest right hand in the Universe: Finn Jones aka Iron Fist!

Finn Jones will be present on both days to meet his fans.

Meet him at Comic Con Brussels!

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