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Cariec Van houten

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Carice Van Houten


Our next guest is one of the most strange and striking main characters in the HBO hitseries Game Of Thrones. For years we sympathized with the different families, clans and creatures in and around Westeros. But every time she appeared you could expect a big plot twist and this was the case every time even until her final battle in Winterfell. Bringing back John Snow from the dead, counseling Stannis Baratheon, giving birth to shadow demons, and so on and on..
You probably guessed it by now. We are of course talking about the breathtaking Carice van Houten who played Melisandre better known as The Red Woman or the Red Priestess in the religion of The Lord of Light.

Her strong interpretation made this mysterious character a fan-favorite with thousands of Game Of Thrones fans.
Also you can know her from movies like Valkyrie, Repo Men, Black Book, Minoes, The Fifth Estate,..

Carice Van Houten