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Brian Krause

Brian Krause

aka Leo Wyatt

Charmed | Guest 2023

Another actor of the main cast is joining our Charmed Reunion! Sent back to the world as a Whitelighter (this should already ring some bells with the die hard fans!), our next guest met and protected the Charmed Ones in the massive hit series Charmed! Of course, we are talking about BRIAN KRAUSE aka LEO WYATT from Charmed!

Leo was a fixed value in almost every episode of Charmed, fighting the darklighter Rennek, protecting the sisters and having adventures with his wife Piper. He was and is a true fan favourite during all seasons of Charmed. Brian Krause also starred in Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers and the Blue Lagoon reboot : Return to The Blue Lagoon.

He will be a guest on both days of Comic Con Brussels and will be available for autographs and photoshoots!

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