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Ivana Baquero

Ofelia, Eretria, Marnie, Eva Villanueva,...

Pan's Labyrinth - The Shannara Chronicles - Black Friday - Alta Mar - ...

Our next guest made her international breakthrough when Guillermo Del Toro casted her as the lead in the critically acclaimed Fantasy Thriller “Pan’s Labyrinth”

The lead role of Ofelia was normally intended for someone younger but was completely rewritten for her.

You can also know her from the MTV series Shannara Chronicles where she plays Eretria, where she presents the character with a delicate balance of strength and sensitivity.

As Marnie she fights a horde of zombies in Black Friday and in the critically acclaimed Alta Mar she plays the role of Eva Villanueva.

You probably could have guessed it by now, we are talking about the top actress Ivana Baquero!

Ivana will be present both days to meet all her fans!

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