julian glover

Julian Glover

The career of JULIAN GLOVER(UK) spans over decades. The youngest Geeks will know him as Grand Maester Pycelle from all seasons of the legendary hit series Game Of Thrones. The Geek New Schoolers will know him as the voice of the giant spider Aragog from the Harry Potter movies. The Geek Veterans will know him as Walter Donovan from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and the real Geek Old Skoolers will know him as General Veers from Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back. He didn't choose poorly this time and he's coming to Comic Con Brussels!

femi taylor

Femi Taylor

FEMI TAYLOR(UK) portrayed Oola in one of the most legendary scenes of the Star Wars franchise. Who doesn't remember the Twi'lek Oola, Jabba's slave, dancing for his pleasure in Star Wars : Return of the Jedi, moments before being devoured by the Rancor? Fifteen years later, Star Wars creator George Lucas personally decided to refilm the shots of Oola for the Special Edition of the Star Wars trilogy. All-new scenes were filmed for the Special Edition and Femi is such a fantastic actress that even the biggest fans can not see the difference between the scenes that were filmed then and 15 years before...

bob gunton

Bob Gunton

BOB GUNTON(USA) is most known for playing one of the leading roles in the number 1 top movie on IMDB's ranking : The Shawshank Redemption. It's almost impossible to sum up all the amazing roles he played, but here is quite a selection : He portrayed Ethan Kanin in the hit series “24” ; As Chief George Earle in the Stallone-Snipes movie Demolition Man ; Burton Quinn next to Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura : When Nature Calls and most recently in Marvel's Netflix Daredevil. He also played Cyrus Vance in the Oscar winning movie Argo.

Rhoda Montemayor

Rhoda Montemayor

RHODA MONTEMAYOR(UK)'s premiere role was as Tiger Lily in the Peter Pan movie “Finding Neverland” starring Johnny Depp, but we mostly recognize her as Rose Ortiz the Pink Power Ranger from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive! The Dutch speaking fans will also know her as Julita from the hit series “Eigen Kweek”. It's Morphin' Time!

Paul Blake

Paul Blake

Han shot first, or did he now? You can ask our next guest, because we are so overjoyed to announce PAUL BLAKE(UK). He is of course most well known for his role as the legendary Greedo, Jabba the Hutt's bountyhunter, in the memorable Mos Eisley Cantina scene with Han Solo, where we all still wonder “Who really shot first?”. “Klop Jabba poo pah. Goo paknee ata pankpa." - Greedo

O-Lan Jones

O-Lan Jones

“I can't believe you sheep have strayed so far from the path of righteousness!” said Esmeralda, the conservative neighbour of Edward Scissorhands(who answers “We're not sheep!”). She is played by our fantastic next guest : O-Lan Jones(USA)! Also known for her support role in the cult movie Mars Attacks as Sue-Ann Norris, the shotgun wielding trailer park mom of Jack Black's character who gets killed by the aliens in her trailer. Most recently she played Shelly in Tim Burton's new movie Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.


kevin eastman

Kevin Eastman

There are only a handfull of artists that have created a world where hundreds upon thousands
can dream away in. You had Hergé with Tintin, Peyo with his Smurfs, JK Rowling with Harry Potter and Stan Lee with his Marvel Universe. Not much difference with what this artist did from
his little studio at the beginning of the eighties. He plunged you into a world of skateboards, pizza, martial arts, mutants and sexy reporters with the dark streets of New York City as background.
Now, more than 30 years later, these characters are world famous! We are of course talking about KEVIN EASTMAN(USA), the creator and writer of THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! Only European appearance in 2017 and he chose Brussels! Cowabunga, dude!


nicole marie jean

Nicole Marie Jean

NICOLE MARIE JEAN(USA) one of the most famous cosplayers of the entire planet! From her home in San Diego, home to the largest Comic Con in the world, this cosplayer made fame by creating more than 50 cosplay costumes. With her funny, outgoing and crazy personality she built a fanbase of more than 2 million followers on Facebook and travels the world meeting them! She will also be a judge in our legendary cosplay contest!

Anna Moleva

Anna "Ormeli" Moleva

ANNA “ORMELI” MOLEVA(RUS) is a Russian cosplayer. She was so good at cosplaying Elizabeth from Bioshock that she got chosen by the makers of the game as the “Official Face of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite”. She resembles Elizabeth so much that she has been used as a Face Scan and for all the promotional work around Bioshock Infinite. She won the Miss Gamer award in 2012 and has cosplayed dozens of characters and keeps working on new ones. She'll be present on Comic Con Brussels both days and will be a judge in our Cosplay Contest!


mojo on pc comic con brussels


Looking for your Mojo? Come to Comic Con Brussels, because we're so happy to announce MojoOnPc(BEL) is our next guest! This Belgian Youtuber got famous with his alias MojoOnPc combining his great sense of humour with his gaming skills. This gamer is the most famous Belgian Youtuber on the net with almost 1 million followers and he'll be at Comic Con Brussels to perform signings, photo ops and 1VS1 CS:GO matches!