Where does Comic Con Brussels take place?
Avenue du Port 86c/Havenlaan 86c 1000 BRUSSELS – Info

What are the opening hours?
Comic Con Brussels is open on Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm, and on Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Geek Deluxe pass gets you in early!
But with the Geek Deluxe Pass(Get them here fast! http://www.comicconbrussels.com/tickets/) you can get in one hour early on Saturday. There is no early entrance on Sunday even with a Geek Deluxe Pass.

I have bought an online ticket. How can I get inside?
There will be three entrances : Geek Deluxe(so you can go in early and get all the bargains!), No Ticket Line(if you didn't buy a ticket online), Ticket Line(If you already have your online printed ticket).

Can I get back inside once I’ve been outside?
Of course! Ask a steward at the entrance/exit for a bracelet when going outside! Geek Deluxe Pass Holders get a bracelet for 2 days when entering the con.

Is there a discount if I'm in cosplay?
Yes! There is a discount of 4 euros at the door for cosplayers. You must be in cosplay of course!

And what about weapons?
Guns are prohibited. Forbidden Weapons are prohibited, please check Belgian law for this.

Carrying prohibited weapons, knives or any other object that, in our judgement, could be used to harm others is, of course, STRICTLY forbidden at all times.If any public authority or representative of Comic con Brussels have any requests about the weapons you have to comply immediately. People breaching these rules will be removed from Comic Con Brussels. Weapons may be impounded at our own discretion at any and all times.

Are airsoft weapons allowed on Comic Con Brussels?
No. Any weapons ressembling real weapons may be refused at the entry.

For how many days is my ticket valid?
You need a ticket a day. Each dayticket is valid for the mentioned day. Unless of course you have the awesome epic Geek Deluxe Pass! Then you're in for two days!

Are there weekend tickets?
Of course, the Geek Deluxe Pass is the way to go!

I purchased my ticket online, but I’ve still not received it. What should I do?
Check your Spam Folder. If the ticket is not in there, please visit https://company.ticketscript.com/be/support/ticket-koper/ first.

I have bought a ticket, but I can’t be present. Can I get my ticket refunded?
Nope. But you are free to resell it if you really want to miss out on this epic weekend!

Is it 100% certain that I can buy a ticket on the day itself?
Probably yes, but remember that tickets are limited but we will announce this on our website when they are running out.

Do children get free admission?
Yes. Children until the age of 10 get in free if accompanied by an adult with a ticket. Be sure to take their ID cards/passports with you.

Are there discounts for people over 65 and/or disabled?

What about those who accompany the disabled?
If you're accompanying a disabled visitor, you don't need to pay for a ticket. The only condition is that you have a valid medical certificate from a doctor that says assistance is needed.

What is a Geek Deluxe pass?
With a Geek Deluxe Pass you get an exclusive early entrance(09.00 AM instead of 10.00 AM) on Saturday 19th March 2016, a Two Day Access Bracelet, 10 drink tickets(good for 5 drinks). And there is a separate queue for the Geek Deluxe passholders! There is no early entrance on Sunday.

Where can I buy a Geek Deluxe pass?
You can buy the Geek Deluxe pass on our website : http://www.comicconbrussels.com/tickets

Is the ticket namebound?
No, so that means you can buy tickets for all your friends on your name!

What’s the difference between the Standard Ticket and the Cosplay Ticket?
The Standard Ticket is as the word says a ticket at the Standard price. The Cosplay Ticket is a ticket at a reduced price for people who come in Cosplay(disguised) to Comic Con Brussels!

When do I qualify for the Cosplayticket rate?
To qualify for the reduced rate you should be cosplayed when entering for at least 70%! Watch out : we have a CosplayMeter3000™, if it doesn’t have a reading of at least 70% of cosplay the ticket is not valid! A carnival mask won’t be sufficient!

Is smoking allowed in the halls?
No. Electronic cigarettes are forbidden as well. There will be places to smoke outside.

Are animals allowed?
No. Only guide dogs are admitted(with documents and the appropriate equipment).

Are there wheelchairs available?
Yes. Send us an e-mail at contact@comicconbrussels.com if you need a wheelchair, so we can put one aside for you.

Is there Wi-Fi available?

Are there signing sessions?
Yes. Please note that our guests will request a fee for an autograph.

Is there a cloakroom available?
There is a cloakroom available where you can leave your jacket.

What is the policy about bullying?
At Comic Con, we're all about respect. Don't show respect? 1 strike you're out, we will ask you to leave the Tour and Taxis premises immediately and a picture will be taken to put on our banlist. Always ask for consent when filming or taking pictures of Cosplayers.

Can we take pictures and videos?
Of course you can! Unless you can store all those marvelous memories in your brain only!

Where can I park at Comic Con Brussels?
There's a huge parking lot next to the venue where you can park for 4,5 Euro per day.

Will there be a first aid station ?
Yes. The Red Cross will be present near the FanDome.(check your maps)

How can I pay at the fair?
There are no ATM's at Comic Con Brussels, but you can pay by card for your entrance tickets. Be sure to bring cash to buy the goods! There are plenty ATM's in Brussels North station.

What happens with lost property?
If you lose anything and notice the day of the event, you can retrieve your stuff at the cloakroom(if we found it). We keep your stuff for 10 days, you can mail to contact@comicconbrussels.com.

Where are the restrooms?
In the main hall, follow the signs!

Can I volunteer at Comic Con?
Send an e-mail with your motivation at contact@comicconbrussels.com

What if I have an accident at Comic Con?
We will carry you to the first aid station and if serious we will call in an ambulance, of course.

What is the Artist Alley?
It's a place where cartoonists, comic artists, writers,... will be signing, drawing, dancing (this last one might actually not be true)