At Comic Con Brussels there is a wide array of workshops!

Prop-Making Workshop

During the Prop Making Workshop you will learn about making Cosplay Props, what materials you can use and some basic techniques.

SFX Make-Up Workshop

During the SFX Make-Up Workshop you will be shown how to apply special effects wounds, color makeup, lenses, ... At the end, participants may have a small example of a bruise made ​​by the experts!

Comic Book Drawing Workshop by Gary Erskine

Gary Erskine, a Comic Book artist with more than 30 years experience in the business, will be giving a Comic Book Drawing workshop. The workshop sessions are about drawing ideas and creating characters,... not a drawing competition! He will give you all the tips you need and assist you when necessary.

Creative Sci-Fi Writing Workshop

A Sci-Fi writing workshop, given by one or more experienced writers. So have a sit-down, grab a pen and sharpen your writing skills!

Above all, here’s more good news: All workshops are free!

Places are limited!