Comic Con Brussels can take place with the COVID safe ticket! What does that mean?

After scanning your valid CovidSafe ticket, you can enter the event without a mouth mask and you no longer have to keep your distance. The photoshoots will also continue as usual, without distance or shielding.

-12 year olds do not need to have a COVID Safe ticket.

What do I need?

To enter the event, you must be able to submit 1 of the following in the CovidSafeApp (or the Covid QR app of your country):


A vaccination certificate in the COVID SAFE APP

Only valid if you take the FULL dose, in most cases 2 injections, with the required waiting time.

  • If you have only had 1 of the 2 doses, your vaccination will not be valid.
  • If you have had 2 doses but have not had the required withdrawal period (in most cases 2 weeks), your vaccination will not be valid.


A PCR test

(taken up to 48 hours in advance and must be linked to your name in the CovidSafe app)


An antigen test

At the Pharmacist, maximum 24 hours in advance (must be visible in the CovidSafe app)

How do you get the Covid Safe ticket?

You can download your current certificates (Vaccination or Test) with the CovidSafeBE app ( or via your citizen profile or health profile.

all info is also on (the website of covidsafe ). This makes it very easy for us to scan your Covid Safe ticket first and then your Comic Con tickets.

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