Covid FAQ

We know these are exceptional times and when we cancel we do what we always did in the past.
All tickets of 2020 such as the Summer Edition, Elftopia, Helltopia, Comic Con Ghent and Antwerp have all been fully refunded because they could not take place that year.
However, we believe that we can still develop this Covid safe way of events in 2021 and will immediately look for a new date.
You will then receive a message from us where you can choose to support Comic Con Brussels during these times and choose a voucher for the next edition of Comic Con Brussels or you can choose a full refund and we will send your chosen solution out as soon as possible.
In any case, you will get value for your money or your money back.
There are stories about other practices, but at Comic Con Brussels it will be like in the past.

The Photo Booth is also different from other times, but there too we did our utmost to put your health first and keep it as safe as possible.
We have found top guests who also believe that we can organize this in a safe way.
Please read the 10 rules of the Photo Booth: These explain briefly and concisely how it works this edition.

It is certainly too early to set up such a mass event in these times and this would be irresponsible.
That is why we have divided everything up to guarantee a maximum distribution of people.
So it is not 1 time Comic Con for a mass, but 9 times Comic Con for a select group.
We took maximum precautions to make it as safe as possible, but we too have to wait and see what the curve will do.
The faster the curve falls, the more likely it can continue.
We’ll see how it evolves, but speculating on it makes little sense.
We opted for positivity and prefer to see the glass half full because we want to radiate that as an organization.
It could be possible in a safe and responsible way and we believe in it.

All activities that in our opinion are not Covid Safe enough will not be present.
For 1 time the emphasis is on the Guests and the Dealer Halls.

1500 visitors are allowed per time slot, spread over the 8 sheds of Tour & Taxis.
If the rules relax, your time slot can also become a day ticket, this happens automatically.